In Conflict

Does your love life sometimes feel like an elastic band stretched to its breaking point?

If things are tense, then this video then this video will show you a simple relationship communication skill to help you connect with your lover and melt their heart in 10 seconds or less.

How To Melt Your Lover’s Heart in 10 Seconds or Less

How To Connect and Melt Your Lover’s Heart

WARNING: A common trap easy to fall into is thinking that learning communication skills alone will save your marriage.

Communication skills aren’t going to help fix your relationship unless you learn to first connect emotionally.

Connect First… Communicate Later…

Have you ever tried talking with your spouse about a problem in your relationship only to find that the conversation suddenly erupts into a volcanic argument or ends in icy cold silence?

Then you already have good first-hand experience of what happens when you try communicating without feeling connected. It’s like tap dancing in a minefield. The odds are not in favor of a happy ending! 🙂

Marriage therapists often make this mistake. Which is why marriage counselling has the highest failure rate of any of the therapeutic professions (3 out of 4 couples end up divorcing after marriage counselling).

Here’s what does work: Whether you’re drifting apart, falling out of love or feeling more like roommates than lovers… Before you talk about anything, first resolve the underlying feeling of disconnection between you.

Then, when the space between you feels warm and safe, communicate (if you still need to). You can use the appreciation technique in the video to help you connect.

If your marriage (or relationship) feels more like a war zone than a safe haven, you may be feeling disconnected, alone, abandoned, controlled or even trapped.

When you’re ready to get help now, the Love At First Fight coaching program is designed to bond you and your partner together like glue in 7 weeks or less. It’s an effective alternative to relationship counseling or marriage therapy that you can do in your own time from the comfort of your own home.

If your relationship is falling apart, you can join the next program here and get on the road to a new life together.

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