A private house call with a marriage counselor can


Here’s how to heal old hurts, get on the same page and
fall back in love with each other… in 2 days flat.

A weekly meeting with a marriage counselor may not be a practical or fast enough solution to fix your relationship problems. If you need some urgent help and you have the means, a private House Call may be the perfect solution.

  • Perhaps you’re on the brink of a divorce and feel desperate to fix things fast before it’s too late.
  • Perhaps the pain of a betrayal is so sore that you can’t stand the hurt feelings any longer.
  • Perhaps you are a busy executive and it’s just more efficient to fix your relationship in one weekend than spread it out over a few months.

Whatever your situation, by the time we’re done, you’ll both be crying tears of joy, gratitude, and love in each other’s arms again.

Also, you’ll feel confident in your ability to repair any future disconnections without needing me to hold your hands.

What Are Private House Calls

A private house call is a 2-day in-person marriage retreat.

We’ll meet for two 12-hour days (9 am to 9 pm) and by the end of our time together, you’ll both be feeling connected to each other and safe in each other’s arms again.

We’ll resolve your biggest differences, heal old hurt that you’re carrying, restore broken trust between you, and get back on the same page feeling like a team again.

Because even the best marriages inevitably go through rough patches, you’ll leave equipped with the tools and solutions you need to navigate difficult times in the future.

The program includes two 90-minute followup sessions – the first is one week after our weekend. The second is one month after our weekend.

You have 2 options… You can fly to me, or fly me to you.


You fly to me in the Dominican Republic where I have a beachfront office.

My driver picks you up at Puerto Plata airport (POP) and whisks you away to your room at the luxury Millenium Spa or the tranquil Natura Cabana Spa, both right on the beach.

We meet each day at my office. You can stay on and vacation together after we have completed our two days together.


If it is not convenient to take time away from home right now, this option is for you.

I fly to you and we meet each day in your home or a hotel nearby your home (my preferred option).

You can repair your marriage in a weekend without having to leave the comfort of your home.

The view from my office where we’ll meet each day…

What We’ll Do Each Day We’re Together

  • Create a secure emotional connection between you so you can communicate lovingly, without hurting each other.
  • Build a zone of safety and trust inside your relationship that promotes intimacy and warmth between you.
  • End the painful PUSH/PULL dynamic of one partner chasing for attention while the other withdraws.
  • Learn how to resolve conflict fast before it ever escalates into a fight.
  • Get your needs met. Finally you’ll feel fulfilled in your relationship.
  • Heal old hurts and restore trust between you. If you’ve ever felt betrayed by your partner, this is critical.
  • End recurring fights once and for all. This session will remove the constant tension between you so you can stop tiptoeing around each other and start sharing life together.
  • Feel deeply understood: Truly ‘get’ each other’s world, motives and differing perspectives, by understanding and appreciating each your unique personality traits.
  • Create a mutually inspiring vision that acts as a beacon to guide your relationship through the inevitable rocky moments and keeps you both excited about the future you’re moving towards.
  • Passionate sex: Learn how to keep the spark of passion alive in the bedroom.
  • Become a team. We’ll learn how to move from to separate ME’s to one united WE, without losing yourself or giving up on your personal wants and dreams.

How Much Does A Private House Call Cost?

The base price is $8,900.

If you come to me in the Dominican Republic, you also take care of your travel expenses (you’ll fly to POP airport), accommodation (for as long as you choose to stay) and anything else.

I’ll help you reserve a beautiful hotel room on the beach and organize your airport transfer.

If I come to you, you also take care of my travel, 3 nights accommodation in a nearby hotel and my meals.

Why should we trust you as our marriage counselor, Bruce?

You shouldn’t just trust me blindly.

If you’re not already 100% convinced that I’m the guy you want in your corner, go try out my free material in your marriage first.

Then, let the results speak for themselves. In the end, your results are the only reason you should consider me as your marriage counselor.

On our initial call, I’ll answer any remaining questions you have so that you feel 100% comfortable about moving forward with me.

Bruce Muzik is a RCI certified relationship coach for couples
Couples Institute Certification Seal

Let’s Take The Next Steps Together…

Private House Calls are by application only. That’s because I want to be sure that I can actually help you before we commit to our weekend together.

Your application requires a deposit (fully refundable if we choose not to move forward together) of $500.

During our initial chat, you can share what you’re struggling with and I’ll answer any questions you have.

Then, if all 3 of us feel that we’re a good match, we move forward and schedule our weekend together. If not, I immediately refund your $500 and we part as friends.

The Next Steps:

1. You fill in the application form below.

2. You take care of the $500 deposit.

3. You schedule our initial call in my online calendar.

4. After our call, if we decide that we’re a good match, we move forward. If not, I refund your $500 immediately.

5. If we move forward, we choose dates, locations and you take care of the remaining $8400.

Apply now.

Your Full Name:

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Your Partner's Full Name:

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In a few sentences, please describe the challenges you're facing in your relationship.

How do you hope that your relationship will be after our time together?



About Your Marriage Counselor

Bruce has built a reputation as the guy marriage counselors refer their toughest clients to, to help fix their troubled marriages.

He has more than 20 years of coaching experience and has been called “The Couples Whisperer” (although he says he rarely whispers).

Direct experience working with hundreds of couples each year has confirmed his belief that even “hopeless case” marriages can be repaired.

His TEDx talk has more than 3 million views and he has been featured on the BBC and Financial Times to name a few.

Bruce Muzik – Relationship Coach

Get on the same page with your spouse

Your Questions Answered

Click the questions below to see the answers…


DominoOver the years, I’ve become very good at helping a couple get to the heart of their relationship issues – the BIG domino piece that knocks over all the other dominoes.

Instead of fixing every issue between you and your partner (which might take years), we’ll knock over that domino first.

Once the BIG domino falls, the majority of your relationship problems will resolve themselves shortly afterward.

I probably should mention that I’m going to push you both to the edge of your comfort zones.

That’s how we can make so much progress in only 2 days.


A House Call is not for everyone. Firstly, it’s by application only. Secondly, it’s expensive. Thirdly, it’s bloody hard work.

I’ve worked with couples ranging from Hollywood executives to professional athletes to Google engineers to CEOs.

If you can afford it, and you’re both willing to work diligently with me, and I accept you both as clients, then a House Call might suit you if:

  • You’re seriously busy and don’t have 7 weeks to fix your marriage / relationship problems.
  • One of you has threatened a divorce or breakup.
  • Your relationship has suffered an affair and hurt feelings are tearing you apart.
  • Or any other reason that feels urgent to you…

During our initial introductory chat, if I feel that we’re not a good fit or I can’t help you, I’ll tell you right away and refund your deposit immediately.


Yes. You’ll get support outside of our 2 days together…

I’ll give you assignments to complete so that you arrive at our weekend already feeling connected – emotionally ready to hit the ground running.

Then, after our weekend, we’ll get together for two follow-up calls where I’ll provide additional help should you need it.

Finally, you’ll both get VIP lifetime access every video and tool in my online relationship repair program.


Most likely, yes. Ultimately, it will depend on my schedule.

If you live far from the USA and want me to fly to you for marriage counseling, apply anyway and we’ll discuss the logistics on our initial call.

What's the difference between marriage counseling, coaching, therapy and what you do?

Good question… Here’s a simplified summary of the main differences.

Marriage Therapy

Conventional marriage therapy treats pathologies. The marriage therapist usually assumes that their patients have personal issues that need fixing. The assumption is that once each person is ‘fixed’, they will be able to come together and have a successful relationship. Not surprisingly, conventional marriage therapy has a higher failure rate than success rate.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling tends to offer advice, rather than therapy. Most counselors have had some level of training, sometimes from a church, religious institution or government organization.

Marriage Coaching

Marriage coaching provides accountability, tools, and feedback to the couple about how their behavior affects the other person. It is the newest of the three. Anyone can call themselves a marriage coach without having received any formal training.

What I Do

I’m not a therapist. I’m not a marriage counselor. I’m not a coach. I sometimes refer to myself as a marriage counselor or coach because the couples I work with understand what that means.

Here’s how my approach differs from marriage therapy or relationship counseling:


Instead of focusing on fixing you, I focus on your marriage.

I treat your marriage as a system – a living organism made up of two people.

Like any living organism, it has basic survival needs. When these needs are not met, the relationship gets into trouble. When these needs are met, the relationship feels secure and both individuals report feeling close, safe and happy together.

So, I work to help you collaborate to meet the needs of your marriage (like parents collaborate to meet a child’s needs).


The second way that my approach is different is that I believe that most people don’t need therapy, they need education and training.

Just like you’d be dangerous on the roads if you’d never passed a driving test, so most of us are dangerous to our marriage… not intentionally, but because we never received education and training in how to ‘drive’ our relationship.

Unlike many therapists who get their degree and never study again, I live, breathe and eat marriage research. It’s my passion.

So, if we work together, I’ll end up teaching you some truly life-altering distinctions, tools, and strategies for repairing your marriage problems. Everything you’ll learn is grounded in scientifically proven principles.

This way, once we say goodbye, you won’t need me again because you’ll be able to steer your relationship away from danger (and towards joy) yourself.


The final way my approach is different is that I focus on connection first and communication second.

Conventional wisdom says that if you can communicate effectively, you’ll feel connected. But my experience shows that if you give a couple communication skills before they are connected, they just have better tools to fight with. Not a good idea.

So, I focus on getting a couple connected first.  In my opinion, this is the biggest reason for my success rate. It’s also why marriage counselors and relationship therapists send their toughest clients to me.


No, not unless I’m traveling to you and you live more than a 12-hour flight from wherever I am located. In that case, I charge an additional $500 per travel day and may require an extra night in a hotel to recover from traveling before we begin our private couples retreat together.

We can figure all the details out on our initial call.