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If the hype of Valentine’s Day feels more like a marketing ploy than a celebration of love, give your partner this gift instead:

Your lover doesn’t really need the expensive candlelit dinner date tonight.

Your wife doesn’t really care about the bunch of red roses you were planning to surprise her with.

Your husband doesn’t really give a damn about that fancy watch you got him.

The Only Thing Your Lover Wants On Valentines Day Is…


Your lover wants You…

to know the authentic You…

to touch the soft, vulnerable You that hides behind the social mask…

to experience your heart’s devotion through your loving touch and tender surrender…

to feel intimately connected to you – not just physically, but emotionally…

So, before you pull out your credit card to pay for fancy gifts today…

Try some of these ideas first:

  • Caress them slowly and tenderly and make them feel emotionally and physically safe.
  • Share how deeply you appreciate your lover’s presence in your life.
  • Risk baring a part of your vulnerable heart that you’ve never shown your lover before.
  • Ask them about their deepest needs, dreams and desires.
  • Listen curiously as they talk.
  • Empathize lovingly with their distress.
  • Reveal your secret fear of losing them and how that would devastate your world.
  • Ravish them tonight with your passionate desire.
  • Demonstrate that you support their dreams in life by doing something thoughtful to help.

I could go on and on, but you’re smart…

I think you get it: Your partner wants more of YOU and your love, not more expensive gifts.

So, go make this Valentines Day unforgettable – the one that marks a turning point in your relationship.

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If you insist on giving your lover a gift today, then give them the gift of a happy, loving, deeply fulfilling relationship.

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