The Perfect Apology

By Bruce Muzik in Forgiveness.

25 years ago, a woman I was deeply in love with suddenly left me and never came back. I never saw or heard from her again.

I found out via some friends that she had fallen in love with a friend of mine and was engaged to be married to him just weeks after leaving me.

For 16 years, I wondered why she left me… and each year, I’d try to contact her hoping to finally heal the wound that remained so raw in my heart all those years.

One day, 16 years later, she reached out to me and gave me the most beautiful gift.

“I’m sorry”, she said, “really, heartfelt sorry for causing you pain…”

I sobbed and sobbed as 16 years of old hurt and pain (some of which I never even knew existed) began leaving my heart.

Tears of gratitude streamed down my cheeks. I felt such a sense of relief. We began chatting where we left off 16 years ago.


She asked me about my pain, then completely acknowledged her part in it and expressed her regret for having created it.

She took full responsibility for what she had done all those years ago and never once tried to make excuses or try and place some of the blame on me.

When she was done, I said, “Whatever karmic debt you feel you may owe me, no longer exists. I love you.”

Why am I sharing this?

Because perhaps reading this will inspire you to give the gift of an apology to someone you know you’ve hurt.

Click here to learn how to apologize in a way that brings forgiveness.

Please feel free to share your own story of forgiveness with me below.

About The Author

Bruce Muzik is a relationship repair specialist and the founder of Love At First Fight. 

He as dedicated his life to helping couples resolve their relationship issues and be happy together.

He has a hit TEDx talk and a reputation as the guy couples therapists refer their toughest clients to. Learn more about Bruce.

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