Vicki Hamilton

Vicki Hamilton

I can't recommend this course enough. Things change from the very 1st words. Marriage back on track.

Better me, better him, BETTER US: marriage back on track

My husband and I knew we loved each other BUT couldn’t work out why we were fighting so much & slowly disconnecting.

It would usually end in loud accusing voices and blaming each other, and just walking away…until the next time….

Things were gradually getting worse affecting not only us, but our beautiful daughter.

The universe landed me on Bruce’s page…I loved the intro video so much, I immediately shared it with my husband, who was also impressed & that was the beginning of our new beginning.

After taking the course with Bruce, we now have a better understanding of WHY we each act the way we do.

A complete game changer….

This knowledge, along with some connection and communication skills, has helped us to finally get back to being kind, loving & understanding towards each other.

We are no longer taking what each other does/says personally because we understand how our personality types figure into our actions.

We can STOP PAUSE THINK RESET…move on…it’s great.

Not only does Bruce have the knowledge, but his sense of humor, delivery & most importantly, Passion for helping… amazing man.

This course should be mandatory in school… everybody & every relationship would benefit greatly AND then maybe the world would be a better place to be in….

We will keep the exercises & relearn when needed… we will forever have Bruce in our lives….

I can’t recommend this course enough. If trouble is looming, get into this immediately. Things change from the very 1st words.

Thx Bruce xxx

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