A Success StorY From A GRADUATE OF The Conflict Cure

Susan Barnard

Susan Barnard

We’re closer & happier than ever! Marriage back on track. We are so grateful we found Bruce!

Our model 30 year relationship was about to collapse because we didn’t have the skills and knowledge to really connect & communicate effectively.

Marriage counseling made it worse. Then I found this cutting-edge program.

It was a rocky summer going thru it and we haven’t resolved everything yet. NOW, we have excellent tools and innovative methods that really support us!

We’re closer & happier than ever! Marriage back on track. DANCE partners!!

We are so grateful we found Bruce!

His creative approach plus his genuine, personal and supportive group coaching style made all the difference for us this summer.

And we experienced one of our hardest challenges ever, just as the program began in June. I really wasn’t sure we’d make it past that … and wasn’t sure I even cared.

Now, we’re out socializing and swing dancing together again … feeling more loving and encouraged than ever.

Tho we still have LOTS of work to do on our own, Bruce has given us plenty of excellent tools with the possibility of lifetime access to all of them.

And he’ll still be there for us if we need him for private coaching. All very comforting and helpful.

We both feel much more empowered to move past our natural differences that used to get in the way and prevented real connection and communication.

I’m really not sure we’d still be together if we hadn’t found this program when we did.

Bruce certainly over-delivers for all of us.

Big HUGS to you, Bruce!!

Muchas, muchas gracias!!

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