Rose Hamel

Rose Hamel

We're head over heels in love again!

The Conflict Cure was the miracle that was truly God sent. I was at the most helpless moment in my relationship. My fiancé was leaving me for another woman, there was no way to change his mind, he was moving out. I got down on my knees to pray for a miracle, the next morning I stumbled on Bruce’s video on FB.

I signed up immediately because he said I could single handedly save my relationship, I had nothing to lose. My fiancé didn’t wanna take the course, but when he saw the changes in me, he slowly turned around, the started to do the course with me.

We had so many AHA moments and by the end of week 5, he proposed we get married this year. By the end of week 6, we had set a wedding date, his infatuation with the other woman completely faded, and we’re head over heels in love again! We’re actively and happily making wedding plans!

Thank you Bruce, you’re truly God sent!

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