A Success StorY From A GRADUATE OF The Conflict Cure

Rochelle and Daniel

Rochelle and Daniel

The Love at First Fight Coaching Program has been a much-needed boost to us.

Bruce has clearly spent a lot of time thinking through the many common struggles of relationship, done a great deal of research, and himself tested everything that he teaches.

I appreciated very much his directness and capacity to speak about anything, including his own challenges in the relationship.

He did an impressive job modeling open sharing. The video lessons were quite thorough, and it was comforting to know that we have lifetime access, since we couldn’t always go through them at a reflective pace.

I appreciate that the calls are also recorded and can be heard as well. I appreciated quick responses from Bruce’s staff.

Bruce’s responses to our queries were always helpful and I felt well understood by him during the times I shared. I think my partner did as well. We also both felt encouraged and normalized throughout the course.

The Love at First Fight Coaching Program has been a much-needed boost to us in the midst of our power struggle stage.

Firstly, just knowing that such a stage exists has been tremendously helpful, and secondly, understanding its many predictable challenges and how to address them in clear, practical ways, has also given us hope in getting through what previously felt like irreconcilable differences.

Bruce’s vast knowledge of current relationship science, along with his very open and encouraging approach, have been extremely valuable to us.

We understand better why being “incompatible” with each other through our many differences is actually much of what we need in order to be stronger and brighter versions of ourselves.

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