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Pindy Soggi

Handling conflicts and differences has become alot easier and straightforward.

Bruce’s program has taught us alot, so many insights and aha moments.

After years of being completely disconnected and caught up in conflicts and power struggles, making eachother completely miserable, we now feel we have a better connection and more loving communication and have learnt to understand and see things better from eachothers perspectives.

We are able to communicate in a way where we feel safe to express our truths and are also heard, valued and respected, and handling conflicts and differences has become alot easier and straightforward.

We have been given some wonderful tools to guide us through our life’s ups and downs and develop a stronger, happier, loving and secure relationship.

With continued practice and faith, we will continue to get stronger and can look forward to a better more harmonious future together with lots of love and joy along the way.

Thankyou Bruce for your great program and wonderful insights, its a tool for life, thankyou.

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