A Success StorY From A GRADUATE OF The Conflict Cure

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EVERY couple should commit 2 months of their lives to this.

I feel that this program has completely changed the relationship between Andrea and I. 

We met 12 years ago and if I truly look deeply, the power struggle stage began very soon thereafter.  We needed to break our cycle and pattern because we were losing each other. 

I feel so strongly about this program, that I feel that EVERY couple should commit 2 months of their lives to this. 

To know that the divorce rate is as high as it is, this course alone would drive that percentage down! 

My advice to anyone that is interested in taking this course would be to know what you’re signing up for. 

There is a commitment to the course with a lot of work that needs to be put in, in order to achieve the full benefits.  Shortcuts won’t work during the course and it certainly pays to keep up with the material.  At the conclusion of the course, I can reflect back and see where we started and where we’re at now. 

I‘m amazed and thankful for the tools that Bruce provided us with, so that we can have a deeper connection than ever before and be back on the path to forever!!

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