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I cannot stop smiling with an inner light of happiness and hopefulness.

I cannot stop smiling with an inner light of happiness and hopefulness that my partner and I are working on our relationship in a deeper, more loving way. 

Bruce Muzik’s Love At First Fight coursework has opened our eyes to some simple steps to create emotional intimacy and connectedness. 

Our arguing, blaming, and emotional distancing have been reduced due to the LAFF coursework introducing Reflective Conversations, Four Connection Rituals, the Hailstorm/Turtle attachments, and so much more!

I have been in the Romance Stage for twelve years and the Protest Stage for two years. 

My partner and I have each other’s Handbook for our Hearts to lead us potentially to the Stability Stage. 

Bruce has provided a well researched and refined  framework and words to say to one another to remind us how to get to where we want to go with a partner, family members, and friends!

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