A Success StorY From A GRADUATE OF The Conflict Cure

Patricia Malnick

Patricia Malnick

The change in both of us is unbelievable.

After 17 years being together with my partner, with over 7 years of coping with my partner’s addictions and feeling unheard, unconnected, unaccepted for who I was, and out of ideas with other therapist and books to try to save our situation, I separated from my partner, Mark.

I needed the separation to understand why I was in a relationship like this and what part I had in it. I couldn’t be under the same roof anymore. Our conversations were always so toxic and it was making me ill. And I knew I had to work on me too.

After 17 years I didn’t want it to end in a confrontational way. If it was going to end I wanted it to be cordial and to learn why it happened and know there was nothing else left to do.

Then one day I saw Bruce online.

Immediately he was explaining on his YouTube page the exact feelings I had and the exact situations I had been involved in with my partner. I couldn’t believe it! He was talking to me! Was he in my house and heard our conversations?

I signed up right away for his 7-week course.

Within the first hour I shared some of the information with my partner. We were separated but still communicating here or there. He wasn’t participating in the program but he showed interest When I shared some of Bruce’s stuff. A matter of fact, he showed more interest than he had in 7 years of counseling and other books that we had tried to do together.

As I kept doing the course, I followed what Bruce said to do when sharing with your partner. And within a few weeks, my partner started to participate in some of the exercises.

Now that I finished the 7 weeks, He is going to do the course. And I am going to retake the course with him. I was smart enough to buy the lifetime option.

The change in both of us is unbelievable.

We are reconnecting again. And even if we decide not to get back together again, we both have become better people and understand much more about ourselves individually and as a couple and how we both were responsible for the split.

We have shared this with other friends and they too are amazed at how helpful Bruce is.

No matter what happens, I feel so empowered with tools that’ll help me for the rest of my life. I foresee, my relationship rekindling and us getting back together.

This course is worth every penny. The materials are awesome. Do the homework, I found myself excited every week when Bruce would release the next videos, handouts and homework. Apply yourself, utilize the live phone calls. Talking to Bruce in person is life-changing. And I guarantee you will finish this program feeling empowered and with the tools to be a better partner and to make your relationship magnificent.

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