Pamela Cournoyer

Pamela Cournoyer

This program has saved our marriage.

Our marriage is transforming right before our eyes! Thank you for sharing this invaluable information, you are a delight to work with, I love how you make it safe to share.

Bruce, I’m a communications expert myself (by profession), and you’ve just taught me how to listen!

I am seeing Michael and I connecting faster, and becoming more vulnerable with each other without defensiveness.

We’re in a whole different space now and I’m not scared of what might happen anymore. Thanks to what we’ve learned, I know now that we have the tools to deal with anything.

We’re only on Week 3, but I have to tell you, this program has saved our marriage. My work has skyrocketed and I know that’s because of the peace that I have with my husband now.

We WILL finish this class, because it’s just so wonderful.

We told our kids about your program, they are watching the free video’s right now, can’t wait to get them enrolled in this!

Thank you Bruce.

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