A Success StorY From A GRADUATE OF The Conflict Cure

Nicole Jackson

Nicole Jackson

Big, raw, emotional things come up, and bring us closer...

When we signed up for the Love At First Fight program, we were quietly annoyed with each other. Drifting apart. Not able to be honest with each other. Not able to talk about real things without blowup fights (including not able to have important conversations about how we wanted to raise our daughter.)

The class jump started us towards a complete change in our relationship.

We are now able to be MUCH more honest with each other, able to talk to each other about REAL things. Big, raw, emotional things come up, and bring us closer instead of farther apart.

I also believe we’re better parents – we are able to have real conversations about how we want to raise our daughter (without fighting!) We’re also more comfortable just being ourselves, which is good for the whole family. I’m happier in our relationship now than I have been since the very beginning.

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