Natalia Pokrywka

Is a true game-changer.

The program is based on principles that made me feel safe and understood. Not broken and at fault.

“Connect first, communicate later” is a true game-changer.

“Whatever isn’t love is just a misunderstanding” is also a great understanding or reframe.

Bruce seems to actually believe in love and truly value relationships!

Unlike many other therapists and even relationship coaches who are very relativistic about the topic and eager to discount a relationship on some intellectual, rational grounds. But we’re talking about love here, and no rational calculation is enough to make a marriage work.

Throughout the program Bruce was being helpful and kind and his light manner and sense of humour made for a warm and understanding atmosphere.

The amount of knowledge about what makes relationships work in real life that programme contains is impressive. And best of all, none of it is “how it should be”, but it’s all based in pragmatism, in what works, in studies of real couples.

This is a truly comprehensive program which touches on spiritual and sexual aspects of a relationship as well.

I recommend Bruce Muzik as mentor to anyone at any stage of a committed relationship.

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