A Success StorY From A GRADUATE OF The Conflict Cure

Maya Vaughan-Tiwary

Maya Vaughan

So many nuggets of gold with none of the fluff.

Hi Bruce,

I wanted to share with you my experience of the course during rather than at the end once it is completed.

I have been exploring the subject of relationships and how best to repair conflict and disconnection for many years.

I have engaged with webinars, conferences, trainings and programmes in my quest for the best research and approaches and what you offer in terms of bringing together the best out there and delivering it so clearly, powerfully and simply is second to none.

Your programme has not only been hugely beneficial to my own relationship it has helped me refine and strengthen my own techniques and strategies in my work as a coach.

I was already working with all the same principles and understanding and have been making great progress with my clients, but the way in which you have brought together all the very best approaches and delivered it so precisely has added great value to my existing work.

For a relatively short programmes you succeed in bringing together so many nuggets of gold with none of the fluff  Рno word and no perspective you offer is wasted. It is all hugely relevant, delivered simply and yet grounded in evidence-based research. 

Also, your genuine passion, integrity and lack of ego really shines through. This, to my mind, is essential in a good coach.

The price of the course also reflects this as it is real value for money.

Here’s a testimonial for you:

As a relationship coach myself, I found Bruce’s course to be the most rich with information, insights and powerfully effective strategies and techniques out of all the courses/webinars/conferences I come across.

Every bit of content was useful and inspiring. I love his positive, down to earth and passionate approach.

Not only were all the videos inspiring and useful, the weekly coaching calls was a goldmine of more information, insights and teachings from Bruce as he engaged with the challenges those on the course we’re facing.

I would highly highly recommend this course to anyone struggling or who has struggled in their relationships as well as anyone interested in the science and psychology of love and relationships.


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