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Mark Johnson

To anyone falling out of love with someone you know you used to love, this will change your lives.

After 32 years of a fabulous relationship and life together, we found ourselves emotionally disconnected and finally physically disconnected knowing something was wrong.

The scary thing was, we being smart people had no idea how to fix it.

We went to counseling; counsel tells you what you can and can’t do, we read books, but we got no tools that worked for us. Our relationship was broken and we didn’t know how to fix it!!

A very scary point when the wife suggested she stay at a friend’s house….and I was helping her pack her bag out of frustration and helplessness.

Just as she was at the door, she came into the den to say goodbye. Out of desperation, I was searching the internet for answers and had just watched your ‘intro’ video and it spoke to me.

With tears running down my face, I asked if she would take a moment and just watch it with me….I’m crying again as I type this…. sorry.

Bruce, you saved our marriage!!!!!

It spoke to her and to me in a way that was unimaginable. We are more in love emotionally and physically than we ever thought possible.

We have reduced our escalation of conflicts in number and intensity by 90% and understand what to do now when it happens. We are deeply in love and committed to each other’s requirements, needs, and wants.

Bruce has a special gift to provide insight and understanding in a non-judging non-threatening way on deeply personal and emotional subject matters.

He is honest and vulnerable about himself.

To anyone falling out of love with someone you know you used to love, this will change your lives.

It’s the best of the best of the best of Marriage coaching all rolled into one concise program.

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