Mari Marion

Mari Marion

After 6 months of my husband being gone... my husband moved back last week, in week 7 of the course. We are in a brand new place.

I found this program after my husband left suddenly, saying he had been miserable for years and was moving to another state. He wasn’t interested in even speaking to me, he completely shut me out.  I was absolutely devastated and quite literally traumatised. I’d loved him for nearly 30 years and didn’t think we were even having problems that would have resulted in something like this. 

I began looking for ways to save my marriage even if I was the only one trying.  I found many programs but none seemed to have the right tools. 

After 6 months of my husband being gone and trying to accept the divorce and plan for a future I didn’t want, I came across a video of Bruce regarding communication in relationships, it made so much sense to me, he spoke about his Love at First Fight program at the end and I looked it up, researched it and decided I wanted to do it. Possibly the best decision I’ve made in my lifetime! 

I didn’t think my soon to be ex husband would even consider joining me in this but I found a way to communicate that I’d found a program to work on myself and future relationships.  He asked about it and I told him I’d be willing to restore our marriage, he said he’d see how it went. 

Many of the exercises were a painful process but each week they were drawing us closer and closer… my husband moved back last week, in week 7 of the course.  We are in a brand new place now with amazing tools to continue to use and become closer and more connected than we’ve ever been.

We can’t thank Bruce enough and his program!  I honestly didn’t think this was even a possibility… Bruce is an amazingly special human who has changed our lives for the better.  And our 5 children we’ve raised together.  There isn’t an adequate way to thank him… so I’ll simply say… thank you Bruce, you’ve given me everything.

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