A Success StorY From A GRADUATE OF The Conflict Cure

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Mali Rivers

He saw the change in me.

When I listen to each model, I either go ”Yes! that make a lot of sense” ”Wow! that’s what I need to implement next”

Thank you Bruce. I enjoy your program and love how you speak to me with truth and kindness on what ”I” can do in order to get the results I need so I can be confident about myself and to be a better person and a better role model for others especially my children.

Your program changed me and as a matter of fact my husband (who hasn’t started the program yet), told me that he had paid to have lifetime access to the program this morning and will catch up.

Why? because he saw the change in me. Because he sees value in your program for our family’s sake and wants to help us connect even more and better. I can’t wait to discover our-selves together and to move our relationship closer to maturity level.

You are right, no need to force your partner to do anything.

Have to say he was happy to do find his apology language and to do a reflective conversation with me once 🙂

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