A Success StorY From A GRADUATE OF The Conflict Cure

Lynne Graham

Lynne Graham

My partner is a recovering alcoholic with autism and trauma. Who would be brave enough (and qualified) to take that on? Bruce Muzik.

I am 64 and I have done a lot of therapy through personal growth. So has my Partner. My partner is a recovering alcoholic with ADHD, high functioning ASD and complex trauma that he only shared with me at his 56th Birthday.  Now who would be brave enough (and qualified enough) to take that on? He is called Bruce Muzik. 

We had a pretty awesome relationship for several years that we had worked hard at because of the above with many therapists.  However we kept on hitting a brick wall.  This course did not bulldoze it down it created the most beautiful opening for both of us to feel safe to walk through together hand in hand or individually when needed.    

I discovered through the course I am not securely attached either and it created a secure understanding of what work needed to be done . It was inspiring it gave me hope it soothed both our fears it gave us structured strategies and exercises to face our fears .  It allowed me and my partner to re write our pathways together respectfully. It gave me insight and excitement to try the new ways.  It taught us the way to  be connected to give us how to have it all: independence as well inter-dependence. It taught me how important even in the darkest moments that connection is so important and how to bid for it. 

Thank you Bruce.

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