Luz Toral

I consider myself a skeptic, but I didn't expect to feel so seen and understood. This is exactly what we needed!

I was ready to get out of the relationship. I had told Richard that I was not willing to keep the status quo.

On the same day we had that argument, I saw the video of the free seminar on my Facebook feed, and it was like you were talking to me.

It really addressed my issues, so I sent it to Richard and thought, if he doesn’t react,  I’m done. To my surprise he watched the video and responded that he was willing to do the seminar.

I had no idea what was going to happen, but we were both so motivated to make it work, we got invested in learning and seeing that really motivated me, but I was not really prepared to the amount of things I learned about myself and it all made so much sense!

I consider myself a skeptic, I went in with open mind but I didn’t expect to feel so seen and understood.

Bruce you made me feel very comfortable and I trust your knowledge, because each tool, exercise, video, was addressing my problems and just being so accurate.

This is exactly what we needed!

Luz and Richard

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