A Success StorY From A GRADUATE OF The Conflict Cure

Lisa Boeres

Lisa Boeres

I'd told him he needs to move out... Now we're communicating, planning our future, and having great sex!

Bruce’s course has literally saved our marriage! We’ve been married for 33 years and it has been a struggle.

We could not communicate. Every interaction held the possibility of me being hurt. His perception of me was skewed and this would cause him to lash out at me for doing everyday mundane activities, or even doing nice things for him. He constantly perceived me as a threat and would fight with me, berate me, and disrespect me. I was often left feeling unimportant, disrespected, hurt and sad.

The result of this course has changed everything! I heard the words that I have been praying to hear: “I’m so sorry I have hurt you, I have been such an asshole, I don’t deserve you, will you forgive me.?”

He has repeated that to me several times already and I can feel his sincerity. He is genuinely showing regret and feeling my pain. I cannot say enough about how this has changed our marriage and changed my life!

Just a few months ago I’d told him he needs to move out (he didn’t) and now we’re communicating, planning our future, and having great sex!

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