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Laura Lacatis

Relationship status update - 6 months after taking your course.

Dear Bruce,

I attended your relationship course in Oct-Nov 2021 (by myself), and I wanted to share with you a positive update: my boyfriend of 2 years proposed to me recently, on our anniversary day.
When I first reached out to you last year, I felt quite frustrated and helpless, thinking that our relationship might have no future. You made me realize my mistakes right from your first email response – and how I, alone, can turn things around, even without my boyfriends’ participation in the course. You were right. I followed your advice and I also read and applied “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work” in John Gottman’s book. And it worked!
I wanted to thank you once again for all your advice and support – it has made a great difference in our relationship! Going forward, I will continue to apply the lessons learned and recommend your relationship course to others – because now I know, from my own experience, that they work.
With much appreciation,
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