A Success StorY From A GRADUATE OF The Conflict Cure

Julissa Charbonneau

Julissa Charbonneau

Paul and I are on cloud 9! Our marriage is beautiful, our parenting is on the same path, and we found ourselves within it all.

Hello Bruce! This is Julissa from your March 2022 sessions.

It has taken me a while to send this survey as things have been pretty busy after our course was complete. Although I did want to share our marriage update.

Paul and I are on cloud 9! Our relationship didn’t change per say…your course helped us become stronger!

Sometimes, in life, we wish we can go back in time and change things and redo what we didn’t like or what didn’t work out well for us. Yet, those are the lessons we learn from. Paul and I held on strong for 16 years. Sadly, we only concentrated on all the negatives in our marriage and becoming angrier as years went on. We neglected to see the obvious…16 years!! Yes, we did go through horrible emotional hurdles but we didn’t give up! There was love in all that turmoil! And it was this course that helped us find it.

There are times that hurt still creeps in from underneath although we know where it came from with our exercises. Previously, all we wanted to do was attack each other or be in the right. Hailstorm vs Wolf! Yikes! And now, we actually talk! We are truly vulnerable with each other. No judgment. Just understanding and love.

Don’t get me wrong, we have our “Wave Pool Waltz” here and there (like you mentioned it will happen) but it’s nothing like it was before. No more of days or weeks of not talking. Or when we did, it was actually screaming at each other, hiding all the soft emotions we wouldn’t express. And now, it has changed to half an hour break from each other and then come together to have a reflective conversation. Obviously, there are times that feelings are still heightened although that’s when we use our mantra. I melt every time he uses it!

The reason for my delay with this survey was we’ve been busy. We have taken our connections tools to a whole new level. We are now taking time to enjoy what each of us like, experiencing new things together, concurring fears and started a small business together. And in the midst of all this, we also take time for ourselves separately. We’ve either been go go go or slowing the world down, just being with each other or alone. It’s been a blessing! All because of you and your help for us to come together!

I also wanted to let you know that at the end of the course, Paul and I went out on a date and I gifted Paul an ornamental glass “Endless Knot”. This man means the world to me! The knot represents a never ending connection, a symbol of eternity, harmony and endless love. The intertwining of both the past and the present, unifying both the giver and recipient with no beginning and no end, links our fate, binds us together.

This is how we both feel. Endless love!

Thank you Bruce, for what you do, how you connect with people, how you help others to connect with each other and how much you have saved our marriage!

Bruce, we were 1 step away from a divorce, if I didn’t bump into your Facebook post. I said to myself and Paul, that this was my last attempt at fixing this marriage. I kid you not! Paul and I could not communicate.

We wouldn’t understand each other, too much resentment and we just couldn’t connect. Now we can’t imagine our lives without each other. Our marriage is beautiful, our parenting is on the same path and we found ourselves within it all.

Thank you, thank you so much! And a thank you and proud moment to Paul and I for not giving up!

Much love to you Bruce,

Julissa Charbonneau

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