A Success StorY From A GRADUATE OF The Conflict Cure


Julie Robbins

This program has transformed everything in just three weeks.

We’re totally on track and LOVING this program. Unlike most courses, programs, books, coaching, counselling I’ve come across or experienced – I would love to inspire EVERYONE interested in a more fulfilling life to do this course.

Sebastian and I are giving it our all and it’s transformed everything in just three weeks (we started a week before the course by watching videos we found on your website).

Not only am I reaping the benefits of the course with myself and in my marriage, but I’m also really enjoying and appreciate your skills and heart at holding space for people in their vulnerability, their courage and their possibility.

I engage in a leadership circle with colleagues from different parts of the world and last week shared with them some gems from your course – which I described to them as a leadership course about cultivating deeply fulfilling relationships.

What you’ve created here Bruce is huge – know that we’re working our butts off and enjoy your videos and you during the live calls – and although some of them are super challenging (mostly to the ego!) we’re also really enjoying the exercises.

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