We feel closer then we have ever felt before. Truly saved our marriage.

My husband and I began this course at each others throats! We were the definition of insanity, our families worried about our stability, as we often used them to vent to.

We have been married 16 years, all of which were alongside my husbands military career. Since his retirement, we fell into arguing and fighting daily, we both lost hope and we’re on path for separation and divorce.

When I found Bruce, it was a free 2 hour masterclass that revitalized my faith that we haven’t tried everything, and that this course could be our way back to each other!

My husband and I were astounded at even just the first couple weeks how much relief we felt together. There was definitely some hard things to face, and accept; but the program helped us see light at the end of the tunnel.

We worked through heartbreaking things and we feel closer then we have ever felt before. Learning attachment styles and personality types was a game changer.

If you’re hopeless and tried it all, before you throw in the towel for good please try this- you have so much to gain! I will forever be grateful the universe aligned and I found this program. Truly saved our marriage.

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