Jean Frazier

Jean Frazier

I feel like we are more a team now.

We were interested in learning more tools to connect quicker and easier on a regular basis … and also tools to use to reconnect when we have a misunderstanding or upset between us.

I feel like we are more a team now and many of the exercises helped me see that we are really powerful when we work together … and reminded me how unsatisfying it feels when I feel that we are not connecting.

It is deeply and richly satisfying and empowering to feel us supporting each other.

I liked that Bruce provided a safe surround for my husband and me to communicate about deep intimate and sometimes painful topics.

The course gave me that extra kick-in-the-ass permission to actually identify and name my hot spots (things that trigger my anger or my fears)

… and it turned out to be a very positive experience sharing those with my husband!

Spending the time focusing on our relationship with this course has had huge payoffs in our connection and love!

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