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Janet Jenkins

On a path of a very loving exciting fulfilling rest of our lives together.

This program saved our marriage from living a life of not being really happy or completely satisfied with our relationship. 

We have been married for 31+ years and you don’t realize how easy it is to become disconnected or even that the disconnect is the problem.  It can be so subtle when it is happening and easy to dismiss as just growing apart or “that this is just the way it is”.

Highly recommend Loveatfirstfight.  It truly changed our relationship and put us on a path of a very loving exciting fulfilling rest of our lives together

The approach of treating/fixing the relationship as oppose to trying to fix each other is the key. It is an approach that makes you see everyone in a different light/perspective. 

Highly recommend.  Recommend going all in, doing all the exercises, videos and calls.  Not necessarily easy but so worth it.

Thank you Bruce.  So glad we found you and this program.

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