Hilja Uiras

Hilja Uiras

In just the 1st week of the Connection Rituals, we began feeling in love again, which was missing for years.

This program Love At First Fight popped up on my Facebook page the time my husband and I were struggling to connect. We were living like brothers and sisters shared a house. We drifted apart long time and each one’s just mind your own business.

Living like brothers bothers me, and I decided to search for some marriage program. When I listened to Bruce introductory video, it really caught my soul and I told my husband about it, and both of us agreed to give it a try.

In just the first week of doing the Connection Rituals, we began feeling connected and in love again, which was missing in our marriage for years. This program helped us to meet each other’s emotional needs. It helped us to know our differences.

In short,  THIS PROGRAM IS A THERAPY ON ITS OWN. ONE NEED NOT TO CONSULT A PSYCHOLOGIST. THIS IS THERAPEUTIC. Our childhood traumas have been exposed and healed in just 7 weeks. Thank you Bruce for a well presented program.

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