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We’ve been through hours of therapy...

Bruce, our session was the most helpful thing Chad and I have ever done.

We’ve been through hours of therapy but were never able to get to the root of what my fear was about his ex.

We had the best weekend together we have had almost since I met him a year ago, not kidding.

The things you said were hard to hear, which is part of why I was quiet during a part of the call, and, at one point I got tears in my eyes because you were speaking to/calling out the wound I hadn’t yet fully recognized.

Knowing these 2 things has brought peace in my heart I haven’t had in a while, for myself but also for my relationship with Chad.

Both Chad and I are SO impressed. Catherine was right. She sings your praises and I’m so glad we joined your program.

We still have work to do and – this is amazing great progress regarding one of the largest things we have faced as a couple so far.

Very grateful 🙂

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