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Bruce far exceeds any marriage therapy session one could take.

The videos Bruce made each week were informative, enlightening and helpful.

Bruce is masterful at integrating research from various experts, such as John Gottman and David Deida, into his various topics.

In addition, Bruce added personal experiences with a dose of his own vulnerability and realness.

He is better than any therapist I have ever had.

Most importantly, he seems to really care about his program and the effectiveness of it.

He helped me by modeling the tools to examine my behavior more effectively.

I have attended marriage counseling with reputable Ph.D. therapists, who have studied the research of John Gottman and other relationship experts. However, Bruce Muzik is a master communicator and so well-read with best practice and research.

Bruce far exceeds any marriage therapy session one could take, providing both partners commit to the program.

I would pay to see him live.

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