A Success StorY From A GRADUATE OF The Conflict Cure

Dawn Cormier-Hazen

Dawn Cormier-Hazen

I now feel safe and “gotten”. He now opens up to me. God Bless you and your work.

I wish I found your 7-week course 18 years ago before I decided to get married!

The marriage boot camp should be mandatory for everyone in a serious relationship. Who knew marriage counselling could be so positive and motivating.

I was in a disconnected unhappy marriage for 18 years, and we have tried marriage counselling in the past only coming out more wounded.

I now feel safe and “gotten”.

My partner understands me better and I get him now! He feels safe and now opens up to me. He is emotionally present now.

We know how to avoid triggers now, and even if we do trigger each other, we call it out and we deal with it successfully.

The structure was very smart as it built week by week to explore and open up new portals as we went along.

We have hope and great tools that now we actually are out of anger and resentment and we use the tools with great sincerity.

Bruce, you’ve incorporated the best strategy and techniques on the planet to help couples in trouble.

With your absolute positivity about love and relationships, your charisma and authenticity, you help motivate and guide others to a happy loving relationship.

You give the gift of lovely companionship! God Bless you and your work.

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