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Chisom Adigo

My relationship changed from 30% to 98%

This program was worth it . I thought my marriage was unfixable until I joined Love At First Fight. At some point I said I would go for a divorce.

But the program saved my marriage and it is like we just got married again. My relationship changed from 30% to 98%.

My hubby never agreed to join until the 5th week, but to my greatest surprise when I shared all my homework and assignments – there was one assignment that you would never believe will work.

I can agree with Bruce when you say Connect first and then communicate later – it’s a good strategy.

Bruce I must say so many marriages need you at the moment. Please permit me to invite them. I was scared because I was feeling mine was different because I am African. But I don’t think it has to do with where you come from .

This strategy is an eye opener and has changed my home.

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