Brenda Pineo

Brenda Pineo

The entire course was an AHA moment for me.

The entire course was an AHA moment for me. It was not anything that I had expected it to be. But exactly what we needed.

I knew from the moment that I listened to the webinar that this was exactly what we needed after having 6 couples counselor’s in our 27 years together (celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this year!)The only counseling that helped at all was the 6th one we had and then this program was the most helpful of all.

My husband and I are finally able to understand each other better and resolve conflicts faster. We are not completely there yet but things are so much better.

There is no way to describe the wealth of knowledge or information in this program. After going through six different counselors over the course of 27 years to improve our marriage and resolve conflicts, this program is what  has helped us do that.

In just seven weeks our marriage has improved immensely and we are excited and hopeful for what is in our future.

Thank you for everything  Bruce!


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