A Success StorY From A GRADUATE OF The Conflict Cure



Mandatory for any couples considering a long-term partnership.

Bruce’s program is an outstanding, well-structured class that should be mandatory for any couples considering a long-term partnership.

The delicate balance between personal connection and group anonymity is handled well, and you really feel like you’re in a safe group environment (even when you and your partner break to do the exercises on your own).

I highly recommend couples put the effort into this course. The ability to have a shared vocabulary and identical toolkit will go a long way towards connecting your relationship.

We’re grateful for your guidance throughout the last two months.

We’ve spent some rocky nights the last few years trying to overcome many of the pitfalls you deftly addressed in your course. The latter half of the course was of particular benefit.

We can both say it’s been a different game altogether following your intensive program.

We want you to know we were consistently impressed at how you handled your calls. The way you kept track of time, engendered engagement, and dealt with issues kindly but firmly were simply very cool to experience.

Also, your emotional cocktail video was one of the most powerful and vulnerable things we’ve seen. Kudos on including it. It was, for us, the most connecting of the course.

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