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Cheaper than the UK court fee to lodge your divorce petition.

If you feel as if you’ve come to the end of the road and you’re asking friends for the name of a matrimonial solicitor, STOP!

Make this course your last-ditch attempt at rekindling the love you once had for each other.

It is only 7 weeks long and it is cheaper than the UK court fee to lodge your divorce petition and MUCH cheaper than your matrimonial solicitor (take it from me, I am one).

What have you got to lose, but seven weeks and less than 5% of what it will cost you for divorce and financial proceedings. The worst case scenario is that you and your partner still decide to call it quits, but by the end of 7 weeks you will be armed with the skills and knowledge to ensure your next relationship has a much better chance of staying the distance.

Best case scenario, you come to the end of the course and wonder why you were ever thinking of looking elsewhere because all that your heart desires has been right beside you all along.

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