Anna Burns

Anna Burns

We are kinder to each other, more loving and... more romantic too! It really changed our whole relationship.

Having known Bruce through his Designer Life courses we both knew as soon as the info landed in our inbox that it was the course for us.

The 7 week course really has changed our relationship. We were stuck in a cycle of power struggles and very independent, which meant we were not always kind or compassionate towards each other.

The fantastic videos, along with the excellent weekly exercises allowed us gently and genuinely to relook at ourselves and our relationship and to create a new way of being with each other, in only 7 weeks.

The weekly conference calls were a great addition too, with lots of lovely participants sharing from their hearts.

Since finishing the course, we have had very little conflict, and any conflict we have had has been resolved quickly and easily. We are kinder to each other, more loving and are experimenting with being more romantic too!

We now do fun things together on the weekend, instead of complaining that we don’t have anything in common! And we’ve just celebrated our 12th anniversary, so it was a wonderful anniversary gift to ourselves.

I’ll admit we were geeky and did all our homework every week as instructed, but I’d really recommend this – get as much as you can out of it while it runs, you can always go back and redo some parts at a more in depth level later on.

I’d totally recommend Bruce’s Love at First Fight programme – it really changed our whole relationship.”

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