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Angela Bard

My partner and I have never been more connected... we live as a team everyday supporting our love.

Bruce is brilliant.  My partner and I have never been more connected.  

We have been able to apply the tools Bruce taught us in his Love at First Fight program and move through repetitive arguments that had eventually cause us to separate and question if we wanted to stay together. 

Bruce has designed a program that teaches you connection first and he shares research from around the world that impacts relationships. 

Not only do these tools help you understand your reactions but also your partner’s reactions which helped us to become vulnerable and react from a place of love instead of being defensive.  

I cannot say enough about the Love at First Fight program. 

I would and have recommended this program to anyone whether they are currently in a relationship or not.  I learned so much about myself and was able to show up for my partner and we live as a team everyday supporting our love. 

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