A Success StorY From A GRADUATE OF The Conflict Cure



We're finally on the same team together, completely vulnerable with each other. We're connected and healing our hearts together. 

Our marriage was consumed with infertility and loss approximately 1-1/2 years after our wedding.  We had to face traumatic situations that most couples never have to encounter. 

Several years later, after we were blessed with our babies, we found ourselves further apart from each other than ever before.  Our marriage was filled with anger, resentment, and griefWe knew we needed something more than couples counseling to bring us back together. 

I remember this feeling of desperation and doing a random google search one night.  I came across the Love At First Fight website and I could not stop scrolling.  Everything that was written described exactly where we were in our relationship. 

We signed up for the course hopeful, but very unsure.  Now, we are in a place that we have never been before. 

We are finally on the same team together, we are completely vulnerable with each other, we are connected in ways that we would not have been otherwise, and we are healing our hearts together. 

This program has changed our lives, individually and together, in a very powerful way. 

Thank you Bruce!  We are so grateful!

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