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Amy Brown

I wish I would not have waited so long to seek out Bruce for help.

When I first started the Love at First Fight course, my marriage was in jeopardy.  Our discussions seemed to always escalate in the typical power struggle mode of disagreement.  

My spouse was not supportive of taking this with me, so I took the steps to go through the course on my own, for my personal growth.  

On each mentoring call, Bruce was sensitive to each individual’s situation. When I would share my celebrations and struggles, he was genuinely interested in what was going well and was equally determined to help each person with the next step of their own personal relationship journey. 

Even though I implemented the exercises independently, the change that overcame me spilled over to my spouse and we have been able to have healthy discussions and more physical intimacy.  

I wish I would not have waited so long to seek out Bruce for help.  

If you are struggling in your relationship, give Bruce a chance. He is credible, caring, and a wonderful human being!  You won’t be sorry you took the step to allow him to coach you.

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