A Success StorY From A GRADUATE OF The Conflict Cure

Allison Alper


Grow to be better partners for each other.

I am very thankful for the Love at First Fight program! It was educational, humbling and eye opening.

The lessons addressed every challenge we were facing before the program: miscommunication, recurring conflict, anger, defense mechanisms, and more.

Bruce taught us about our own behaviors, our partner’s behaviors, and how we can each grow to be better partners for each other. We were introduced to practical tools that provided real solutions to reconnect with each other.

The seven week program is easy to follow, the research is current, and the topics are very relatable.

Bruce is warm, well spoken, authentic and personable. During the coaching sessions, he asked probing, interactive questions while providing analysis and learning opportunities.

We definitely recommend this program to those in, and not in, relationships. The awareness and self growth you experience during the program can be applied to all areas of your life.

Thank you, Bruce, for all your help!

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