Alicia Wood

Alicia Wood

Cannot stop telling our friends about it! 

We just finished the Love at First Fight course and seriously cannot stop telling our friends about it! 

We have admittedly only made it through the first 3 weeks of the 6 and have already been able to implement the tools in those weeks with more success than I ever thought we’d be able to!

We were both discouraged and had tried so hard to fix certain patterns, but never seemed to have the tools to fix them (even after years of individual and couples therapy). 

The tools/exercises are awesome because it keeps the focus on what I can do to help my relationship instead of blaming my partner. 

Overall I would recommend this course 10/10!

P.S. Some of these tools (reflective listening) have already started helping me heal other strained relationships with different family members so that’s been very exciting as well!

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