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Ann Hess

Bruce is the first person to be able to engage both of us.

We have been married over 25 years. During that time, we have been successful professionally and have raised three wonderful children. For almost all of that time, however, we have been detached from each other emotionally. 

I have always wanted to pursue therapy, but my husband (who is NOT the touchy feely type) has been strongly opposed.  Actually we did have one experience, but my husband basically showed up under duress and remained highly defended. 

This was despite the fact that this therapist was very distinguished by reputation and known to work well with “hard to reach men.”

Bruce is the first person to be able to engage both of us.  He has helped us begin to make very positive changes in our ways of communicating –ones which honestly I think many talented and formally trained therapists could not have achieved in 10 years of therapy! 

Although Bruce will say he is not formally trained, I believe his talent as a “couples’ whisperer” are absolutely outstanding. 

If you actually want to make a change, be solution oriented in doing so  –and you do not have 10 years on your hands–  you should try this program.

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