Marisa and Murray stopped their pattern of distancing and coming back...


We’ve managed to break the cycle and consistently be there for each other, loving each other.

Well I definitely feel more unconditionally loved – where it’s not so much of a connection/disconnection cycle. I feel like we have it very consistent at this point – this flow of love, connection, and intimacy.

Before, we would have times of more distancing and coming back and distancing and coming back and we’ve managed to somehow break that cycle and just consistently be there for each other, love each other and that’s obviously a huge breakthrough and I think part of what led us to be able to take the next step with each other as well.

(Towards the end of the program Murray proposed to Marisa – she said YES!)

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Bruce Muzik helps couples fix their troubled relationships and save their marriages. He has earned a reputation as “The Couples Whisperer” and know for being the guy relationship therapists refer their toughest clients to.

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