How Your Insecure Attachment Style Is Screwing Up Your Life

By Bruce Muzik in Relationship Advice.

I was recently interviewed by Steve Horsmon about How Your Insecure Attachment Style Is Screwing Up Your Life.

This video interview is jam-packed with profound truths and ‘aha’ moments. Sit back, relax and enjoy...

In the next 50 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • What insecure attachment is and why yours is ruining your marriage or relationship.
  • What healthy dependence looks like in a relationship.
  • How your attachment style is screwing (pun intended) with your sex life.
  • The 10 sure-fire signs your relationship is in big trouble.
  • Why communication breakdowns are not the main problem in your relationship… and what is.

Enjoy… and please leave a comment/question below. I thrive on your feedback.

About The Author

Bruce Muzik is a relationship repair expert and the founder of Love At First Fight. 

He specializes in repairing relationship conflict and helps couples to stop struggling and be happy together.

He has a hit TEDx talk and a reputation as the guy couples therapists refer their toughest clients to. Learn more about Bruce.

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