A Success StorY From A GRADUATE OF The Conflict Cure

Kaira Wyss

Kaira Wyss

We were desperate because we couldn't resolve our problems! After only 2 sessions our relationship turned around.

I am a 58 year old woman from Europe that did a lot of personal growth work in my past.

I also struggled through many relationships and two failed marriages. Of all the interesting work I’ve done, Bruce’s Love At First Fight curriculum has been the clearest, most helpful, expedient, insightful, most professionally put together and most lovingly and joyfully delivered!

I enrolled together with my boyfriend of 2 years.

We love each other very much but were completely stuck in the Power Struggle phase without knowing it.

We experienced it as a complete break down of our otherwise excellent, open and honest communication and a total loss of connection, which hurt and scared us tremendously.
We simply did not know how to deal with the sudden misunderstandings, the feelings of alienation, of experiencing the partner as an enemy and of total hope- and helplessness in our previously so beautiful, intimate and deeply caring relationship

We were desperate because no communication could solve our problems!

We were headed towards a totally unwanted break up and were devastated by the thought of another relationship failure. Since I remembered that a relationship has to fall out of the Romantic Stage in order to grow, I googled “relationship phases” and checked different sites that were dealing with this issue.

Bruce’s energy was so upbeat, loving, confident and supportive that we felt very comfortable right away. After only two sessions our relationship turned around completely. Connection and communication were restored, we learned about the deeper causes of our problems and how to solve them expediently.

It was such a liberating and nonjudgmental process, we were utterly elated and in awe of it! It had no therapeutic feel to it, which we really liked, having had unsatisfying experiences with couples therapy in former relationships.

The greatest result is that we feel like a deeply loving, committed, invincible team now. We got the skills to deal with future challenges, and we can share what we learned with other couples!

Thank you Bruce, for your service to the world!

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