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Jill Medina Elizalde

This program should be done by every individual on earth, whether in a relationship or not.

This program is phenomenal. I did the EST training when I was 8 years old in 1978, and since that time filled my life with trainings of all sorts. I have read and done several of the various techniques that Bruce brought to this course and was familiar with almost everything. My previous work was all done independently, at random, and not until Bruce’s workshop, where he skillfully provided a guided format was I able to connect all the dots, to see a view like never before, a result like no other in regards to relationships. 

What’s SO BRILLIANT about what you, Bruce, have done is that you have put all these amazing tools and techniques and research together in such a way that it has the most profound effect I have ever experienced in my life in regards to personal transformation. You had the bigger view to see what pieces needed to be put in place to make the “relationship puzzle” complete, for my own relationship to become a more transparent, loving, communicative relationship with my husband, (and myself!). It’s absolutely hands down, an unprecedented life changing realm. And, again this is coming from someone who has spent their whole life doing this kind of work, (40 plus years) utilizing various modalities for empowerment, healing, and transformation. 

This program should be done by every individual on earth, whether in a relationship or not. I see it realistically, not optimistically, as a viable avenue, with the holding capacity to bring about world peace, based simply on the foundation of communicating to each other our “softer feelings”. What I learned in the workshop was that these tender feelings we are scared to express and let people see, once expressed, are in reality what brings us fearlessness. And, in turn, have the ability to generate compassion and empathy in the listener. That was a life changer.

Bruce, you are The Great Encourager, giving people the courage to be loving and kind, take the first step, and be bigger than they have known themselves to be.

I am eternally, and beyond eternity, grateful for you, Bruce. 

With much love and much respect, 

Jill M.

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