A Success StorY From A GRADUATE OF The Conflict Cure

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Eugene Cha

I now know how to be a better husband.

This was so enlightening! I learned so much, it’s truly amazing the material packed in here in just 7 weeks.

Before the program started, Bruce said to me that I may not want to be co-parenting in the same household in separate rooms. And, after going through the program, I see the wisdom in that.

Regardless of the immediate future, I know that I am a far better person for having taken this program, and that makes me feel more ready to face a future where I am single again.

I am grateful for this program. It made me a better man.

I now know how to be a better husband, and know how to see problems ahead of time, and what to do about them. That is so big.

I really can’t get across how valuable this has been. I truly want to thank Bruce and his team.

It’s something I will carry forward inside myself forever.

Thank you.

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