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DeeDee Cavanagh

We had amazing results!!!! He is back in our bedroom... and we are loving each other again.

I have been married for 50 years and my husband stopped talking to me and ignored me . He told me to get a divorce and he wanted nothing to do with me. This was a shocking event in our lives since we seemed very happy. Had a Therapist, 2 really and they could not figure this issue out. after 6.5 months of no talking , I started this class.

The first week on hearing what to do and his instructions , I apologized to my husband for the hurt we were going through and he heard me , that opened him up little by little. It is 9 months and he is back in our bedroom and he is talking again and we are loving each other again. I finished the course and did what Bruce said to do and we had amazing results!!!!

Thank You DeeDee

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