Dan Lee

Dan Lee

I had begun to lose the luster of our relationship. Now, instead of fighting each other, we've become a couple working together.

With 32 loving, faithful and nurturing years of marriage, my wife and I had begun to lose the luster of our relationship, slipping into bickering and fighting.

I always “had to be right” and she felt that I never really heard her, as she was sorely missing the language of love that she wants, needs and deserves.

And we both missed the common ground of intimacy as we engaged in a self-defeating exercise of misunderstanding.

Bruce’s program brought all of this into perspective. Now, instead of fighting each other, we began to work together to break the cycle of harsh words and hurt feelings — and once again we became a couple working together and not against each other.

The time, the tools, and the coaching made all the difference.

Bravo, Bruce!

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